What’s the truth about Timeshare Presentation Scams in Puerto Vallarta?

So, what’s the truth about timeshare presentation scams in Puerto Vallarta?
This is a question that we hear a lot because there’s still a lingering wariness when it comes to Mexican timeshare providers that remains from the 1990’s when timeshare fraud was more common than it is today in tourist hotspots in Mexico and around the world.
Nonetheless, you’ll be pleased to hear that these days the chances of being involved in a timeshare presentation scam in Mexico are pretty low. Ever since the scams in the 90’s, security protocols and restrictions surrounding the timeshare industry have been tightened, making it much safer for people to invest in genuine timeshare.

In what way are timeshare presentation scams less likely?

Well, for a start, timeshare companies are no longer allowed to promote their timeshares wherever and whenever they wish. They have to apply for authorization to the local authorities and the authorities will, as a matter of course, check their legitimacy before issuing permission for them to work on the streets and in other public locations. So, when you are approached by a promoter in a public place or in the street you can quickly ascertain whether or not they’re legitimate by looking for, or asking to see, their officially issued ID.

Are there other ways I can spot timeshare presentation scams?

As with everything else, there are always people who will look to take advantage of other people. It’s much harder for them to do this when it comes to timeshares in Mexico, but there will still be those who try. So, in order to avoid timeshare presentation scams, you can keep a few things in mind. Firstly, while reputable companies will offer incentives to get you into a sales presentation they will be reasonable incentives like discounts or free tickets. If a gift seems like too excessive, you should ask to see the reps ID or enquire as to whether or not there are qualifications for this gift.
You should also check online forums for reviews to make sure that, a) the company is legitimate and that, b) they’re a good company to be involved with.

So, there’s not a huge issue with scammers in Puerto Vallarta?

In a word, no. There’s no real issue with scammers in Puerto Vallarta, and so long as you have your wits about you you’ll be fine.

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