Timeshare Scam Alert: 2021

Timeshare Scam Alert 2019

Do you love going on vacations and want to invest with a quality vacation membership? Being a vacation owner with the Villa Group will allow you to plan ahead effectively for future vacations, but you should also know how to avoid a timeshare scam. Villa Group timeshare scams could unknowingly happen to you if you don’t know what signs to look for. Rest assured the Villa Group is a reputable company who does not scam their owners, but you may be surprised to see that other individuals fraudulently have used the Villa Group know to scam innocent victims. Continue to read below if you would like to learn some of the top warning signs, so you can prevent a scam from happening to you.

Good Reputation

When you are thinking about investing in a timeshare, you should make sure the company has a good reputation as does the Villa Group. Of course, you obviously want to avoid any company with a blatantly bad reputation. However, what if you run across a company that doesn’t have any reputation at all? If you find a vacation club that has no information about them, then you should beware. Scamming timeshare companies are able to always find a new victim when they just change the name of their company. They can then keep finding new victims that they will scam, and the authorities find it hard to prosecute them for any fraudulent activities. Before you purchase any vacation membership, you should thoroughly investigate the company. If you are researching them and you find there is no information available, then this timeshare company is probably operating a scam. Stay safe and stick with respected providers like the Villa Group.

Timeshare Member Network

These days, most reputable timeshare companies are part of a network partnership with different resorts located around the country. If you find a timeshare company that is not connected with a network or resort partnership, then that is a bad sign. Today’s vacation club members want their investment to have more flexibility and variety, so most of the reputable timeshare companies are part of a network. That way, members are able to enjoy their vacations at different resort properties within their network, which is much better than being stuck vacationing at one location. If a timeshare company isn’t with any network or group, then this is a major warning sign that this a scammer looking to scam you. As a result, we at the Villa Group are part of a network so our members have the added flexibility to visit various resorts throughout Mexico as part of their membership.

Sales Representative Valid Identification

This timeshare scam involves the sales representative that is promoting their membership plans. If you ask the sales representative to show you their proper identification with their timeshare company, but they can not produce a proper ID, then this is probably a timeshare scam. Anytime they can’t show proper identification, this is a major warning sign. You should also stop and think about where the sales representative is working. Timeshare scammers cannot legally work in shopping centers or at the airport, so if a sales representative approaches you around town, you should be very careful. You should always ask to see the sales representative their valid identification so you are protected from becoming a victim with this scam. You should avoid them and never waste your time on these scammers.

Different Resort Tour 

Another popular timeshare scam and warning sign is when the sales representative gets you interested in a particular resort, but the sales representative takes you to a different resort for your tour. This almost certainly means that they don’t work for the resort they claim to work for. Where did the sales representative perform the sales presentation about the resort? Did the sales representative take you to a totally different place after a short tour to have you sign a contract? This is a major warning and a red flag that you should know about. If any sales representative presents a sales presentation off site, then they probably don’t work for the timeshare company and resort. All of our sales representatives at the Villa Group have been provided with the proper identification to show prospective clients to ensure them that they are dealing with an authentic and reputable company.

Follow Your Gut

When you are talking to the sales representative, do you have an uneasy feeling? Are you noticing that little white lies are being told by the sales representative? You are probably dealing with a scammer. Legitimate timeshare sales representatives are professional and honest. They are not allowed to tell any incorrect or dishonest information about resort membership. Does something feel off? Follow your gut, trust your instincts and stay away from this scammer. We at the Villa Group work hard to only employ trustworthy and honest employees as great customer service and member satisfaction are our top priorities.

All of the warning signs provided above will keep you safe from timeshare scams. Being a member with a genuine timeshare company like the Villa Group is an excellent opportunity and investment for you. Always deal with only reputable companies to keep yourself safe from a timeshare scam in 2021.


Timeshare Scam Alert: 2019
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Timeshare Scam Alert: 2019
Another popular timeshare scam and warning sign is when the sales representative gets you interested in a particular resort, but the sales representative takes you to a different resort for your tour.
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