Top Benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership

The Villagroup offer its members a host of top benefits that make Villa del Palmar membership among the best vacation investments in Mexico. The top benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership include: flexibility, value for money, great destinations, top quality accommodations and resorts, and security.

    Top Benefits of Villa del Palmar Membership

  • Flexibility

  • Villa del Palmar membership is a flexible timeshare program thanks to its Villa Preferred Access scheme. This means that when you buy a timeshare at a Villa del Palmar resort, you purchase the equivalent points to the type of unit you wish to use for a certain period of time (one, two, three weeks etc). These points are allocated per year, which you can then use flexibly as you wish towards accommodations, resort services and all inclusive meal plans. The points system also allows you to stay for shorter or longer intervals than a week, meaning that you could split a week timeshare into two shorter getaways.

  • Value for Money

  • At the Villa Group, our mission is to make sure that members receive services, accommodations and experiences that are true value for money. Where possible, we keep costs low so that we can pass on those benefits to our valued members. Being a relatively small timeshare company, we remain in touch with the reality of our members’ experiences, aiming to ensure that your timeshare investment remains one of the best decisions you made in your life.

  • Great Destinations

  • One of the top benefits of Villa del Palmar membership are the great destinations that you can visit in Mexico and use your Villa Preferred Access points to stay at Villa del Palmar resorts. Destinations include Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. Likewise, Villa del Palmar timeshares qualify for the services of Interval International, which is an international timeshare exchange network where you can swap your Villa del Palmar weeks for other destinations worldwide.

  • Top Quality Accommodations and Resorts

  • The Villa del Palmar brand is dedicated to creating beautiful resorts using quality materials and architects to enhance your vacation experience with large outdoor pools, luxury spas, gyms, social areas, gourmet restaurants and stunning accommodations. It is our aim to make rooms and suites as spacious as possible, employing elegant interior design to ensure that your experience is a truly memorable one at each resort.

  • Security

  • The Villa Group, which operates and owns the Villa del Palmar brand are a reputable and highly respected timeshare company that are part of ARDA: American Resort Development Association. You can be sure that you are not involved in a scam and that your investment is a safe one.

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