What is Trading Power?

“Trading power” seems like an odd name to be associated with the leisure industry but is a term which could perhaps be better described as “exchange power.” Trading Power refers to a concept used by RCI, a global vacation exchange club, to help members ensure like for like exchanges and fair swaps for their timeshares and residence club memberships.

With over 35 years working in the field of vacation exchanges, RCI have more than enough experience to work out how to make exchanges as fair as possible. The exchange network is affiliated with the world’s best resorts and timeshare complexes, which makes them a great choice for timeshare swaps. You can use RCI to swap you your weeks or timeshare points for destinations around the world, making vacation ownership completely flexible.

Trading Power helps owners define their properties for exchanges. Your trading power is the value given to your timeshare when you make it available through RCI for swapping and the term used by RCI when you add your timeshare property is “depositing.” The moment when you deposit your timeshare will affect your trading power in addition to other factors such as what kind of timeshare you are swapping (resort, boat, cruise etc), the supply and demand for your type of timeshare, season, size and type of unit and comment card scorings.

The reason for trading power is simple. It is intended to make sure that members are able make fair exchanges and have a clear idea of the accommodations they are going to have access to. It also enables you to secure the dates that you wish during high demand seasons.

How to Get the Most out of Trading Power?

Maximize your trading power by depositing as early as possible. The earlier you exchange up to two years in advance, the better trading power you will receive for the timeshare that you deposit. Your trading power will then positively affect the kinds of vacations you can expect to enjoy through RCI. Depositing with less than 9 months in advance will have the opposite effect, so you are best not to newly deposit for last minute exchanges. Another way to make the most out of RCI is to deposit a high demand week or season.

Your trading power credits can also be used in following years, should you not use them all in one year. You will be able to use that credit to cover accommodation or top-up a new deposit.

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