Travel Insurance For Mexican Vacations

Travel insurance is highly beneficial to cover you for any unfortunate situations that may occur during your Mexican vacations. While you might not want to give it much thought, the best way to protect yourself against emergencies or accidents when traveling anywhere is to have the right travel insurance. There are no guarantees in life, which is another reason that everyone should consider travel insurance, because anything can happen.

Villa Group Medical Repatriation Cover

As part of the Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access vacation membership, members are offered a basic repatriation insurance that they may wish to upgrade for more inclusions and coverage. The idea of repatriation insurance is that you can get home from Mexico to receive care according to your own personal health insurance plan in the USA or Canada.

Why you might require full travel insurance for Mexican vacations

There are many circumstances and emergencies where having travel insurance is a godsend:

  • If there is a sudden death in the family and you have to cancel or curtail your vacations.
  • If you lose personal items or they are stolen while you are on vacation, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • If your flight is cancelled or delayed
  • If your suitcase has been lost
  • If there is a hurricane or natural disaster stopping you from traveling or continuing your vacations.
  • If you are involved in an accident and need emergency care.

Common Travel Insurance Coverage:

It can be confusing when you are selecting an insurance policy as there are so many varieties of plans that you can pick from. When you are trying to determine the travel insurance policy that is right for you, you should look for the following items to see if they are included:

  • At least $100,000 USD coverage limits for any medical expenses, illness, injuries
  • At least $300,000 USD coverage minimum for any emergency evacuation and care along with transportation from your home
  • Travel coverage in all countries
  • Insurance coverage for electronics (higher coverage limit options)
  • 24-Hour emergency assistance
  • Insurance coverage for any lost or stolen items, which would include jewelry, suitcases, cameras, and important documents
  • Flight cancellation coverage along with hotel reservations and transportation reservations that resorts from a family death, sicknesses, and any other sudden emergencies
  • Insurance coverage for emergency return to your home from any country you are in
  • Insurance coverage for personal accidents
  • Insurance coverage for finances that could occur if the company that you purchased travel insurance with has went bankrupt while you are on vacation
  • Curtailment or cancellation cover due to hurricanes during hurricane season.

What’s not generally covered by travel insurance

You should also know what isn’t covered in most travel insurance policies. Many companies will add a limit on the value of personal items with the basic travel insurance coverage, so you may want to consider purchasing added insurance to cover the electronics or expensive jewelry. Any extreme activities such as hang gliding, bungee jumping, and even paragliding are generally not covered under basic travel insurance plans.
You should contact several different companies before making your choice to compare costs and coverage, It’s better to be safe than sorry and with any luck you won’t need to use it!

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