Unnecessary Timeshare Nightmares


It is a sad case of affairs when people find themselves involved in a timeshare nightmare or scam. The distress it causes hundreds of families that fall into a scam each year is great, not to mention the damage it does to reputable timeshare companies. However, there are some simple precautions you can take to avoid a timeshare nightmare.

Established Companies

The first hard and fast rule to avoid a timeshare nightmare is to buy from an established company that has years of experience. On the one hand you gain from their experience in selling genuine properties while on the other you can be sure their reputation means more to them than scamming a few hundred dollars.

Check your Contract

Just because you have fallen in love with your future home from home or are all excited about becoming part of an exclusive vacation club doesn’t mean that you should throw caution to the wind. Always read your contract. While you may be sure that you thought you heard the seller mention one thing or another, if it is not written into the contract, check on the spot for clarification. If in doubt, ask to speak to a senior member of staff to verify your contract.

Visit the Resort

Unless you are attending a timeshare presentation in your home town organized by a highly reputable company, don’t purchase a timeshare unless you visit the resort and see the installations. There are some nightmare scams that sell nonexistent properties on genuine resorts using the name of the legitimate resort as a cover. Always insist on taking a tour of the resort. Pre-sale can be tricky, therefore in those cases, all the more reason only to buy from an established company.

Avoid Resale

Both buyers and sellers of resale timeshare should beware the numerous scams that involve timeshare resales. Remember that resales have nothing to do with the original timeshare company and therefore you enter these negotiations at your own risk.

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