Villa del Palmar Cabo Held Strong Against Hurricane Odile

In the wake of Hurricane Odile in Cabo, the power of natural forces reminds us of how important it is to live for the day and take precautions for the future. The construction at all three of Villa Group’s resorts in Cabo San Lucas – Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco and Villa la Estancia – stood up against the forces of Hurricane Odile as it whipped across the Baja California Peninsula.

Villa del Palmar Cabo reported that the facilities at the resort were minimally affected by Hurricane Odile, which owes in great part to the architectural merits of its construction and the high quality materials used. In fact, all three Villa Group resort complexes were designed and constructed to withstand hurricane forces. Hurricane Odile’s passing with minimal damage stands testimony to the engineering foresight of Villa del Palmar Cabo’s construction team.

Reports just 24 hours after Hurricane Odile had passed assured that Villa del Palmar Cabo had both water and electricity (running from generators on site), with one of its restaurants fully operational. The hotel is now 100% operational despite communication from the Baja California peninsula in general being limited.

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta were also among the first to send food aid to Hurricane Odile’s Cabo victims with 24 hours. An emergency campaign to collect bottled water, canned food and other essential items was organized immediately following Hurricane Odile’s sweeping exit, and the donations were sent in private planes.

Villa del Palmar Cabo also reported that the evacuation procedures in place in the event of a hurricane were effective, managing to evacuate a large number of guests before Hurricane Odile made land. Those guests who were left stranded are now in the process of being returned home. The airport in Cabo is schedule to be re-opened officially on September 26 for inbound flights, by which time clean up efforts will have made some headway in returning this stunning stretch of coastline to its former glory.

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