Villa del Palmar Cancun Spa Festival in March

Villa del Palmar Cancun will be hosting a unique and nature powered festival in March 2016. To celebrate the renewal and revitalisation that Spring brings with it, the Village Spa will be providing hotel guests and timeshare members in Cancun with uplifting and powerful herbal infusions and specialized spa treatments throughout the month.

Complimentary Herbal Infusion Drinks

Each week in March timeshare members at Villa del Palmar Cancun will be able to take advantage of two unique infusion drinks which will energize, detox, hydrate and reinvigorate your skin, hair and body. Just pop along to the Village Spa to enjoy a free herbal infusion drink in the relaxation lounge.

Each week offers two choices of herbal tea:

Week 1 Week 2
Blueberries + Orange:
Eliminate some of those nasty free radicals in and keep your skin in great condition.or
Strawberry + Peppermint + Lemon:
Give your immune system a boost with this infusion.
Rosemary + Grapefruit:
A high vitamin C infusion that will give you long lasting energy.or
Pear + Ginger:
This will get your metabolism in gear and aid digestion quite nicely.
Week 3 Week 4
Blackberries + Sage:
Promotes inner peace… well, inner balance and relaxation. Which is pretty conducive to peace.or
Pineapple + Mint + Orange:
Helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and minimise inflammation.
Raspberry + Lime + Mango:
Antioxidant crammed and anti-ageing for inside and out!or
Cucumber + Ginger + Lemon + Basil:
A natural fat burner with no nasty side effects.

Spring Equinox

The Villa del Palmar Cancun knows that the heritage of the Yucatan Peninsula is far reaching and important to the culture of the area. This is why the Village Spas Spring Festival will pay its dues to the Mayan culture that came before. The spring equinox (when the day and night are of equal length) was of great significance to the Maya as it marked the reinvigoration of the earth and the coming of fruitful seasons. To mark this most special day, and pay homage to those who held it in such high esteem, the Village Spa will hold a sun salutation on March 21st (2016’s Spring equinox) on the Palmar Terrace at 8:30am.

Special All About Fresh Spa Treatments

For the whole of March, the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun will also be offering unique treatments on the beach. These treatments have a floral or fruity theme and are designed to pamper you to readiness for a wonderful tan! Be beach ready this March. You could choose from one of the following:

    • Passionfruit and Melon Exfoliation
    • Papaya and Mango Exfoliation
    • Hydrating facial with red fruits.

($65 each)

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