Villa del Palmar Points Based Timeshare Membership

Villa del Palmar Points Based Timeshare Membership

Just as there are different people in the world, so there are different kinds of vacations to suit everyone, which is what makes flexibility one of the most attractive features of points based timeshare membership at Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico. Points based timeshare memberships are designed to be easy to use and understand, as well as make changes according to your specific vacation preferences. At Villa del Palmar, the name of our points based timeshare membership is Villa Preferred Access.

Villa del Palmar customized timeshare membership

Points based membership allows Villa del Palmar timeshare members to visit the resorts offered by the Villa Group Timesahre based on their particular needs and desires. Not everyone wants to take a vacation each year in the same type of unit for the same amount of time during the same week every year (although that is also possible, should you wish). Villa del Palmar’s points based timeshare membership means that you can use your allocated Villa Preferred Access timeshare points to book a short trip in a large unit or a longer vacation in a smaller unit, or even two or three trips in one year in different resorts each time.

More points means more flexibility, more luxury and more choice

The more Villa del Palmar timeshare points you own, the more options you will have because there are endless possibilities of how you can use your membership. Imagine that your Villa Preferred Access points are like pieces of Lego that will allow you to build your ideal vacation, adding the colors that you like, when you like. Just like Lego pieces, the more Villa del Palmar timeshare points you have the greater your possibilities are. You should take some time to look at your Villa Preferred Access timeshare points chart and see how you might play around with your points, imagining the various scenarios that are open to you. You will find that there are many different ways that your points based timeshare can work in your favor.

Sometimes having so many options can be overwhelming, however, knowledge and understanding is the key to making your vacation decisions easier. If in doubt about how to use your timeshare points, contact members services and ask an agent how best to use your Villa Preferred Access timeshare points.

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