Villa del Palmar Timeshare Scam Advice

Timeshare scammers and vacation club fraudsters are an unfortunate byproduct of the genuine timeshare industry. Nowadays, timeshare scams are becoming even more trickier into convincing the public to hand over their cash. Nevertheless, with a little common sense and some clear advice, it is relatively easy to steer clear of a scam. Take a look at this Villa del Palmar timeshare scam advice to ensure that you stay safe.

  • Protect Yourself by Avoiding Resales of Villa del Palmar Timeshares
  • The Villa del Palmar timeshare resale market is one of the most common places where you are at risk of being involved in a Villa del Palmar timeshare scam. You can easily be scammed by the resales if you don’t purchase your timeshare with a professional agent at a Villa del Palmar resort in Mexico. What could possibly happen? There are many dangers that can occur such as:

    • Invalid membership that is not recognized by any Villa del Palmar resort
    • Once you pay, the seller disappears
    • High agent fees
    • You pay for more year’s membership than is actually the case

    Make sure that if you want a Villa del Palmar timeshare that you purchase it directly from a professional agent and seller with Villa del Palmar. This sale should always happen in our sales office, and if the seller request another location then you are being scammed.

  • Cancellation Scams of Villa del Palmar Memberships
  • One of the most common Villa del Palmar timeshare scams happens when people seek to cancel their timeshare with Villa del Palmar. Timeshare cancellation scammers will charge you high fees to “cancel” your timeshare leaving you with a defaulted loan payment that you think you have cancelled.

  • Cold Callers
  • You may be asking yourself what is a cold caller? A cold caller is someone who is claiming to work for Villa del Palmar timeshare and is informing you that a buyer wants to buy your timeshare membership, even when you may not be planning to sell your timeshare. The scammers trick you into paying an introduction fee and then there is no buyer. Sadly, many timeshare owners fall for this scam.

We really hope this Villa del Palmar timeshare scam will keep you from being taken advantage by these type of scammers. You can now protect yourself from a Villa del Palmar scam and you won’t be another timeshare fraud victim.

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