Villa del Palmar’s Timeshare Promoters

The Villa Group prides itself on employing polite and honest timeshare promoters to operate both on the streets and in the airports in destinations where it has Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts. The vacation ownership products on offer at Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico are top quality genuine timeshare opportunities, and for that reason, reputable promoters are chosen to represent the world class brand.

The role of Villa del Palmar’s timeshare promoters is to invite potential timeshare members to attend a presentation at the resort. There are various places where you might meet a Villa del Palmar timeshare promoter when you are vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Cancun, and you will be able to tell they are a genuine Villa del Palmar timeshare seller by their authorized permits. In many of Mexico’s beach vacation destinations, timeshare promoters have to apply for a special permit to be able to approach tourists on the streets and in other public areas such as shopping malls and airports.

Villa del Palmar at Islands of Loreto

Any dealings with Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters should be a pleasant experience. Our staff are trained to first be of service to tourists in Mexico and second see if visitors would like to attend a presentation at Villa del Palmar. For example, if you meet a Villa del Palmar timeshare promoter on the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, he or she is sure to offer you some sound advice about the top things to do in the area or even offer you a discount on a tour. If you do not wish to attend a timeshare presentation at Villa del Palmar but still wish to book a tour, the promoter will help you, although you will not be eligible for any discounts. The idea is that Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters add to the positive image of Mexico’s top tourist destinations.

If you have any comments about our Villa del Palmar timeshare promoters, please let us know directly. It is our intention to make sure that our reputation and your enjoyment of Mexico’s top vacation destinations are served by our timeshare promoters.

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