Villa Group Elite Membership Perks

You already know that a vacation ownership plan with the Villa Group allows members to plan ahead for the best vacations at top resorts in Mexico. The Villa Group is an award-winning resort provider with thousands of satisfied members like yourself. If you want a more luxurious experience for your membership plan, Villa Group Elite Membership could be for you. The Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgraded, exclusive program for members who want the best for their families. Don’t waste any more time daydreaming about what could be and make things happen today! Read below to learn how you too can become a Villa Group Elite Member.

  • Sign Up For Villa Group Elite Membership

The Villa Group Elite Membership program is designed using a point system that determines member status and is segregated into three different membership levels. Depending on the number of points that you have accrued with your membership plan will determine which Elite status group you are part of. The first Elite level is the Four Star level, and members must have earned 5,000 points to enter the first tier. Next, after a member earns 10,000 points they then move into the second tier which is known as the Five Star level. Lastly, the third and highest level of Villa Group Elite Membership is the Elite Residences level which is for members who have earned 15,000 points or more. Contact Member services today to see how many points you have accrued and to see if you are eligible for Villa Group Elite Membership.

  • Benefits of Villa Group Elite Membership

Want to learn more about the incredible benefits you can look forward to enjoying as a Villa Group Elite member? Elite members enjoy an upgraded vacation experience that begins from the very moment they arrive. Villa Group Elite members receive priority service and attention, and are eligible for a pre-arrival check-in process that standard members do not have access to. Elite members can avoid waiting in line and go straight to the Villa Group Elite Membership concierge for assistance. It is even possible to do your check in in the privacy of your suite. In addition, Elite members also have access to the exclusive Villa Group Elite Membership call center which is reserved just for them. Lastly, Elite members have a 30-day reservation booking window that allows for added flexibility when scheduling your vacation time.

  • Perks of Villa Group Elite Membership

On top of enjoying better accommodations, Villa Group Elite Membership comes with exclusive bonuses not available to standard level members. Special benefits such as VIP attention and the best tables at restaurants, access to an exclusive Elite members only pool, unlimited use of the spa wet areas, personalized butler service and complimentary wifi service for all of your devices are some of the top perks. These extra services and upgraded amenities make your vacation more enjoyable and stress-free. Villa Group strives to be innovative and regularly adds new perks just for Elite members. While the three Elite categories share similar benefits, there are additional discounts available if you attend presentations, potential room upgrades are available based on inventory, designated plush and luxurious Elite towels, and special VIP areas are just for Elite members. Let yourself be treated like royalty with Villa Group Elite Membership.
Ready to upgrade your existing vacation club membership to become a Villa Group Elite Member? It’s the perfect way to guarantee ultra luxurious vacations that you and your family so deserve. Treat yourself to the best!


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