Villa Group Elite Membership

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to travel in style like celebrities and CEOs of a Fortune 500 company do? Don’t let your fantasies stop at dreaming. Become a Villa Group Elite Member and you will experience just what it feels like to be a VIP.

What makes Villa Group Elite Membership so great?

When you become a Villa Group Elite member, you can expect the VIP treatment straight away. From the moment you make your reservation with your exclusive Elite member call center, you not only have a thirty-day additional reservation booking window, but also a seven-day advance on arrival upgrades. When you arrive to a Villa Group resort, you won’t have to wait to be served, Elite Members can take advantage of a pre-arrival check-in process. All you have to do is head straight to your Elite Concierge or enjoy check-in within your suite.

Even more benefits for Villa Group Elite members

Benefits such as priority seating at restaurants, access to the VIP Elite members pool, personalized butler service and complimentary wifi service for all of your devices are just some of the fabulous benefits that you will enjoy as at Villa Group Elite member. Just imagine after basking all day at the VIP pool that you arrive to your suite to find a complimentary bottle of wine waiting for you. Another treat for Villa Group members is complimentary access to the wet areas of the spa.

What does it take to become an Elite member?

The Villa Group Elite program consists of three levels, which are determined by the number of points members have with us. For example, to access the privileges of the first Elite level known as Four Star, you must have 5,000 points, next comes Five Star at 10,000 points, and then Elite Residences from 15,000 points and more.

Upgrade for more benefits

All three Elite categories share similar benefits, such as extra discounts if you attend presentations, room upgrades based on club inventory availability, designated Elite towels, special areas throughout our properties, free wifi for an unlimited number of devices and butler service to name but a few privileges.
Why not become a Villa Group Elite member from the get-go. The travel experience enjoyed by 1% of the world is waiting for you when you indulge yourself with Villa Group Elite membership.
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