Villa Group Maintenance Fees

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Recognized as being one of the leading vacation ownership companies within the competitive timeshare industry, the Villa Group and its management teams have received many awards relating to providing top quality care and high-quality service to its members. Awards have been received from Interval International, Resort Condominiums International and the American Resort Development Association, amongst others, and you can be assured and proud that your Villa Group membership is one of the best.

Villa Group Maintenance Fees

In order that your membership retains its high standards, Villa Group maintenance fees are charged depending on your level of membership. These fees cover a whole host of services, including those activities that take place behind the scenes to ensure your membership is one to be proud of.

A necessary obligation

It is the personal obligation of each member to pay his or her maintenance assessments at the time the Villa Group maintenance fees become due and payable. These payments are not dependent on your use of the property, and if you fall behind on payments, you will not be able to use your membership until your are up-to-date. Timely payment of Villa Group maintenance fees are essential for the smooth operation and quality of your timeshare membership.

Villa Group maintenance fees penalties and interest

The Villa Group does not want you to incur any penalties or interest, or forfeit the right to use your membership for any year, or even be subject of any permanent forfeiture of your membership. If you are in danger of falling behind, please contact Member Services Department who will be able to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

Treasurer’s Report

Each year, you will receive the treasurer and Villa Group’s maintenance dues report, which will provide you with:
? A budget overview
? Explanation of your maintenance assessment
? A breakdown of how the funds are used
? Optional programs
? Existing payment options

Villa Group maintenance payment options:

There are currently 3 payment options available to members for their maintenance fee assessments:
? Monthly basis – You Receive no monthly invoices and payments are made via auto debit or credit charge to your bank account. A nominal monthly instalment fee of $5.35 will be added to each monthly payment.
? Four quarterly instalments – these are usually due on November 30th, February 28th, May 31st and August 31st. These will include a nominal $9.70 instalment fee for those owners who own one week while members who own multiple weeks, a one $12.70 processing fee will be added for each instalment payment.
? In full – Pay your entire annual Villa Group maintenance assessment in one payment, via credit card (online or by phone) or by check, if so desired.
Rest assured that Villa Group maintenance fees are charged in line with industry standards.

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