Villa Group Owner Referral Program

The Villa Group Owner Referral Program allows you to refer a friend or family member and earn credits called Palmares that are redeemable.

Anytime you purchase a Villa del Palmar timeshare membership, we give you an amazing opportunity, which will reward you for being a member, sharing your vacation home away from home with the people you love. Currently, the Villa del Palmar Owner Referral Program invites members to participate, allowing the Villa Group to thank you for any referrals. You will earn Palmares credits when your friends and family just attend one presentation and if they purchase a timeshare membership, then you again will earn Palmares credits.

It’s Easy to Register Your Family and Friends:

The Villa Group Owner Referral Program offers three ways that you can register your family and friends and you will start earning Palmares credits:

  1. Register Family & Friends for a Fantastic Vacation Discounted
  2. – The couple that you register can stay at their choice of any of the Villa Group’s Villa del Palmar Beach Resorts & Spas and will be given up to 68% discounted rates.

  3. Bring a Friend Program
  4. – You can invite your friends to stay with you and enjoy time at the Villa Group resort with the Bring a Friend Program. You have to register 90 days prior to the check-in date and register your friends’ details for them to be eligible.

  5. Send a Friend Program
  6. – You can invite your friends to enjoy your time at the Villa del Palmar resort and you don’t have to be there. You have to register 30 days prior to the check-in date and register your friends’ details for them to eligible.

Spending Villa Group’s Palmares Credits

Spending the Palmares credits are what you are rewarded with by referring a family member or friend. You can spend the Palmares credits in the following ways:

  • To pay annual maintenance fees
  • To pay loan payments
  • To add additional nights to your vacation
  • Add upgrades to your vacation

Who Can Be a Referral?

To be a qualified referral you should be between the age of 35-70 years of age and your annual income should be $50,000 USD and $75,000 Canadian. More likely couples and single ladies are generally accepted to be a referral for the program. For all married couples, both spouses are required to attend the presentation at the same time.

Also, a maximum of two sets of couples who travel together (And, this includes you as one of the couples). There will not be any extra Palmares credits for more couples or groups of three or more people.

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