Villa Group Resorts – New Standards of Cleanliness

While temporarily closed for the coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis, The Villa Group Resorts has been working diligently to prepare our resorts to welcome back guests soon. With more than 30 years in the industry, The Villa Group Resorts is well known for luxury resorts and world-class vacation club experiences. Our staff has been working tirelessly to come out on top after this unexpected situation that has affected so many people around the world. While travel plans have been put on hold, The Villa Group is proud to announce the updated sanitation and social distancing requirements that have been implemented to help keep our guests safe to enjoy a dream vacation to Mexico.
The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) are the guiding forces to help re-organize health and safety standards for our resorts. We have taken the time to make sure all of our properties are in pristine condition by renovating, cleaning and improving our properties in anticipation of welcoming back guests. While the resorts have been closed temporarily in line with government recommendations, we are ready to reopen and welcome our beloved guests back with open arms. In addition, our staff has been trained to ensure that our representatives are equipped with adequate skills to adapt to the changes, all while making sure you have the best vacation of your life. The Villa Group Resorts is also offering updated cancellation policies with more flexibility so you can adjust travel plans if needed.
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Renovations, Cleaning & Improvements

Many positive changes have been completed as we anxiously await the return of our guests. For example, we have trained our staff to ensure we are upholding Preverisk food, beverage, health, and safety standards. In addition, our staff members received refresher courses on how to provide efficient and friendly customer service protocols that are in line with appropriate safety measures. Also, our maintenance team members have been making sure the resorts look better than ever by renovating and making sure the landscaping and terrain surrounding the resorts is in tip top shape. Our professional gardeners and landscapers have been maintaining the irrigation systems, planting flowers, and trimming hedges. In addition, pools and jacuzzis at each property have been drained, serviced, and given a deep cleaning. Also, housekeeping has given a thorough cleaning to all accommodations and common areas to keep our guests safe. Plus, repainting, preventative maintenance, detailing, and other additional improvements have been completed in each of the rooms, sidewalks, recreation areas, and lounges at our resorts. Lastly, our professionally trained electricians and plumbers are currently inspecting each hotel’s operating systems including AC units, plumbing, heating, and lighting. While closing temporarily has been difficult, The Villa Group Resorts is proud to come out of this crisis better than ever.

Villa Group Resorts – Standards of Cleanliness

We have created an integrated Health and Hygiene Program based on the suggestions and instructions of the government and health organizations, which you can view here.
The health of the entire Villa Group family is our top priority, and that includes you! Learn about our Care and Cleanliness Commitment.

Villa Group Resorts Flexibility

We want to thank every one of you for your positivity, kind words, and support. Although this challenging time has made everyone feel separated, we are all in this together. We simply can’t wait to welcome you back to your home away from home and warmly welcome you back to the Villa Group Resorts. We are also offering 100% cancellation waivers for our guests so they can safely book a vacation without the stress of having to pay cancellation fees if an unexpected situation arises. In the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.
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While our resorts have been temporarily closed, our hearts have remained open and we are anxious to welcome guests back again! Right now, our staff is working hard to ensure that your future vacation is both incredible and safe. We sincerely look forward to the moment when we can be your host once again! To book your next vacation in paradise, contact The Villa Group Resorts today.

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