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Receiving feedback in the form of personal Villa Group reviews from our valued clients who have become part of the Villa Group family is very important to us. Knowing what we are doing right and how we can keep improving and evolving is an integral part of making sure Villa Group vacation ownership serves its members in the best way possible. Here we have selected some of our most recent Villa Group reviews captured on video from happy members who took the time to share their feedback with us.

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Dan and Ursula from San Francisco Bay Area

This charming couple have been Villa Group timeshare members since 2006. In this Villa Group review they share their first-hand experiences with us and why they decided to upgrade their membership.

Lacretia and Marcus from New York
Villa Group timeshare members since 2015, this happy couple share what they like the most about being a member and the things they enjoy when they stay at Villa Group resorts.

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The Villa Group’s commitment to delivering quality products at great prices and our respect for the suggestions and comments left by invaluable customer reviews has made the group one of Mexico’s most popular timeshare chains. Owners are encouraged to leave suggestions or write a Villa Group review about their stay as a means of helping us improve our services for the future, with the aim of providing the very best experiences every time.

We are always happy to hear feedback from our amazing clients. We would love to receive your Villa Group reviews. We couldn’t do it without you.

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6 thoughts on “Villa Group Reviews

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    Torri Lawson

    I’m a happy long time Villa Group timeshare member. We bought a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta more than 10 years ago and upgraded to the Villa Preferred Access. We have no regrets. Since becoming members, we have been to most of the destinations, including Cabo and Cancun. We are very content with our timeshare membership and are happy to recommend it to anyone. My brother bought membership at Cabo last year too on our recommendation so now we can travel together, which is great. We have always received superb services both at the resorts and with members services. We really feel like we are part of the Villa Group family.

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    Anna R Brown

    Our Villa Group timeshare is one of the best decisions we made! We are Villa del Palmar Cancun owners but are able to visit all of the resorts using our club points. It is so flexible. Last summer we used the Preferred Points (which are like free points because you only pay for the maintenance fees) for an extra vacation and invited my parents too. We stayed in a Two Bedroom unit and it was fabulous because we all had our own space. The kids love staying on the Murphy bed. We are looking forward to visiting the other resorts but can totally vouch for Villa del Palmar Cancun.

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    Patrick Crosby

    I am another happy timeshare member with Villa Group. I love my Villa Group timeshare. I know what people say about timeshare, but when you buy at the right place, timeshare really is a great option. You just can’t beat knowing that each time you arrive to your resort you are going to be treated right, I love the familiarity and I love the fact that I can visit other destinations in Mexico, although we tend to go to the same place each year. LOL. My wife also gets involved with the charitable foundation Eagles Wings Foundation, which is supported by Villa Group