Villa Group Advice: Beware Class Action Scams

When you purchase a Villa Group timeshare, you can be sure that we do everything we can to protect you from scams. One of the ways we try to combat the different scams is to make sure that our Villa Group timeshare members are well informed of popular scams affecting timeshare owners. This article is focused on class action scams which target owners to cancel their timeshare.

Timeshare Class Action Scams

In today’s world it is much easier than in the past to take companies to court. Availing services of lawyers and attorneys who promise the moon and stars in resolving issues have made it more common for legal action. However, despite more people using the legal system to make claims, how effective is it in reality? Is it worth the cost? In recent years, the timeshare industry has had its fair share of class action suit, including well-established companies and big names in hospitality. When it comes to timeshare class actions suits, you may find yourself on sticky ground and at high risk of a scam.

What is a Class Action Suit?

A class action suit is when a group of people take collaborative action against an individual or company by suing them in court. Everyone has the right to do this and it offers an effective remedy for cases involving massive fraud, negligence, civil and even criminal acts. However, when it comes to class action suits against timeshare companies, you should beware of scams. The reason for this is that most timeshare class action suits do not have a claim that will stand up in court, especially if it is a class action suit against a reputable timeshare company like the Villa Group. Class action scams are prevalent because the cost to each individual is not a big sum, but when it involves large numbers, the scammers can stand to make a big profit, even when their clients lose their class action case.

Why are class action suits against timeshare companies usually scams?

In order for a class action suit against a timeshare company to be effective, it must have solid evidence of breach of contract or fraud. Often the scam class action suits will tell you that you have a genuine claims, when the reality is that your case will not stand up in court. For example, the Villa Group is a bonafide timeshare company with more than 30 years in operation with thousands of members; there is nothing fraudulent about the Villa Group. Therefore, any Villa Group class action suit is most likely a scam.

How to resolve problems and complains with Villa Group Timeshare

The Villa Group timeshare has an effective complaints procedure and encourages all members to contact their customer service agents in the case of any unsatisfactory issues. Always try to resolve any problems you have directly with the timeshare company to avoid scams and fraudulent schemes like class action cancellations or resale scams.

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