Giving Back as Villa Group Timeshare Members

When you choose to purchase membership with the Villa Group, you will soon realize that you have become part of one big family with a big heart. One of the Villagroup’s commitments—other than to ensure that members enjoy the most incredible experiences on vacation to Mexico—is to support local communities by sponsoring and supporting the work of the Eagle’s Wings Foundation. Villa Group timeshare members are also encouraged to support his cause in a number of ways, though monetary contributions or support in kind are purely voluntary and non-binding.

Giving Back as Villa Group Timeshare Members

Giving back as Villa Group timeshare members is an amazing opportunity where you can make a huge difference in the lives of local children and adults living in underprivileged conditions in Mexico. In 1999, the late Jim McCarthy brought the idea of creating the Eagle’s Wings Foundation to the attention of the Villa Group’s partners, and together they set up the charity with the intention of making an impact and a difference in the areas where Villagroup timeshare resorts operate. Through the non-profit organization, Villa Group timeshare members can make donations to the foundation along with volunteering time and services.

The Eagles Wings Foundation

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is based in California and it is a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged and disadvantaged people in the cities in Mexico where Villa Group resorts are located; these currently include Los Cabos, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. Villa Group timeshare members can support the foundations with tax deductible cash donations, by volunteering or buy donating items.

How You Can Help:

Villa Group timeshare members are asked to support the Eagle’s Wings Foundation by going to the charity’s website to make a donation directly, which can be done through PayPal. You can do a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Villa Group timeshare members can also donate by sending a check to:
Eagle’s Wings Foundation
C/O 6850 Bermuda Road
Las Vegas, Nevada
Villa Group timeshare members can also donate using the voluntary donation option on your maintenance dues.
Another great way that Villagroup timeshare members can help is by volunteering their time, even if you are on vacation. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation will assist you with local charities where you can volunteer your time at your convenience. You can also bring needed supplies with you and these supplies would include; children shoes and clothes, medical supplies, school supplies, soaps, toiletries, and any other supplies that you want. All donations are appreciated.

Where Does the Money Go When You Donate:

The foundation is able to place the money donations that is collected to many different charities and programs that the directors with the Eagle’s Wings Foundation choose. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation provides assistance to organizations that will benefit the community. The Grant Committees in each area will suggest how the donations and funds are distributed. The board members will review the recommendations, then they will vote on where the donations will be sent.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation Contributes to These Programs:

· Orphanages
· Libraries
· Special Needs and Education Programs
· Dental Clinics
· Medical Clinics
· Autistic Children Training
· Mental and Physically Challenged Individuals
· Elderly
· Maintenance for School Buses
· Humane Society
· Rehab Centers
· Food Banks
· Food Services
· DIF Government Assistance
· Day Care Centers for Children that are Underprivileged
· Homeless Shelters
· And much more…
Giving back as Villa Group Timeshare Members is a rewarding experience. If you would like to help, donate or suggest a fundraiser, then click here!

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