Villa Group Timeshare Rental Scams

In general, buying a timeshare in Mexico is a wise investment. However, it’s important that you only work with reputable providers. That way, you will always enjoy your vacation experiences and make your money work for you.

At the Villa Group, we are proud to offer a high quality timeshare ownership opportunity for qualified travelers who want to always have first class vacation experiences.

Our family friendly resorts are located in the country’s top destinations including Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta.  As timeshare owners, members can stay at any of our 10 luxury resorts based upon availability.

If you have heard about timeshare rental scams, they are easy to avoid if you know how to protect yourself. Keep reading below to learn how to stay safe from timeshare scams so you can enjoy every moment of your well deserved vacations in paradise. 

Villa Group Timeshare Rental Scams  

Unfortunate situations have come up in the past where a scammer will claim to be a legitimate owner with the Villa Group. However, they are scamming innocent victims by collecting an upfront rental fee and then not being able to legitimately rent out the unit.

The unsuspecting victim pays the booking fee, only to arrive at the Villa Group resorts to be shocked to learn the booking was not legit.

Read this post to avoid pishing and fraud calls.

Prior to paying a booking fee, make sure you verify the Villa Group timeshare member is valid and ask for their membership number. Then, you can call the Villa Group to confirm the information is accurate.

Likewise, Villa Group can confirm if there is a pending reservation in your name and make sure you are listed as an authorized guest at the timeshare.

Timeshare Owner Tips 

In addition, Villa Group timeshare rental scams can occur when a genuine owner tries to rent out their timeshare to vacationers. To make sure you don’t work with fraudsters, only deal directly with the Villa Group – We are happy to help our owners find valid renters to rent your timeshare.

In the past, fraudulent timeshare rental agencies have scammed unsuspecting Villa Group timeshare owners by telling them that they have a renter for their timeshare when they did not. Instead, the fraudulent timeshare rental agency collects an upfront fee for their rental services, and then quickly disappears after receiving the payment.

Note that if you choose to work with a timeshare rental agency, you should not have to pay any upfront fees. Instead, reputable vacation rental agencies only charge a commission for successful rentals – Be wary of agencies that charge an upfront fee because they are probably a timeshare scammer.

Are you a Villa Group timeshare owner? If so, we hope this information will help you protect yourself from timeshare scammers. We value our vacation club members and always want to ensure that they are safe and satisfied.

Make sure to work directly with us if you’d like to rent out your unit. Remember, if you are a traveler and want to book a vacation, go directly to us at the resort. We can help make sure you get a genuine reservation and will not require any upfront fees.

Ready to book a trip to Mexico? If so, contact us at the Villa Group today… Amazing deals on sale right now to visit our luxury resorts. Isn’t it time you pamper your loved ones with a getaway to paradise?

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