Villa Group Vacation Club

Do you have a timeshare membership with the Villa Group Resorts, an award-winning resort provider in Mexico? Or, have you been dreaming of investing in a vacation club membership for you and your family that can be enjoyed for many, many years? In Mexico, a vacation club membership with Villa Group is a great way for you to always enjoy amazing vacations at the top resorts. If you already have a membership and would like to know if there is a way to enjoy even more luxurious experiences, the Villa Group Elite Membership is a way to upgrade your membership. With Elite Membership, you will have all the luxury extras that make vacations even better. You can stop dreaming about what-ifs. Read below to learn about the Villa Group Elite Membership, the vacation solution you have been missing in your life.

Villa Group Vacation Club

Are you currently one of our beloved timeshare members, or are you ready to join our Villa Group Resorts family? To begin with, prospective timeshare members should attend a sales presentation that will give you a tour of the resort and cover all the fine details of club membership. The Villa Group Elite program provides a point system that will determine the status of a member, which is divided into three different levels. The level is determined by the number of points that you have earned with your membership. To enjoy the benefits with the first Elite level, which is known as the Four-Star level, then you must have earned a total of 5,000 points. When a timeshare member earns 10,000 points, then they will be moved to the next level, which is the Five Star level. The Elite Residences level is the highest status available, and you will have to earn 15,000 and more points to be in this level.
villa group vacation club

Elite Membership Benefits

Villa Group Vacation Club comes with a variety of amazing benefits. To begin with, as soon as you arrive at the resort you will see how the upgraded experience is. Villa Group Elite members will have priority before standard level members. For example, you will be eligible for a pre-arrival check in process. You won’t have to stand in line and wait, you can go immediately to the Villa Group Elite Membership concierge or directly to your suite for a private check in service if you want. You will also get special attention at our call center, and Elite members get added flexibility, which includes a thirty-day booking window for reservations.

Villa Group Elite Membership Exclusive Bonuses

Along with the upgraded accommodations, the Villa Group Elite Membership has some other exclusive bonuses that other members cannot have. Some of the exclusive bonuses include special treatment by getting the best tables at all of our onsite restaurants, VIP pool access, personal butler service, and free Wi-Fi. You and your loved ones can be pampered with these extra bonuses and amenities. We at the Villa Group Resorts are always looking for exciting ways to treat our Elite members, so you can expect new bonuses and surprises each time you arrive at the resort as we are always adding new perks. You can also get extra discounts if you attend other presentations such as upgraded rooms, luxurious towels, and VIP areas that are just for Elite members. You will really feel like royalty when you see all the bonuses you can enjoy with a Villa Group Elite Membership.
Would you like to upgrade your timeshare membership by becoming a Villa Group Elite Member? The Villa Group Vacation Club will make all of your vacations to Mexico luxurious, memorable and relaxing, too.
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