Villa Group’s Gratuity Program

To make sure that tips are divided evenly between everyone who has been part of your experience, the Villa Group operates a gratuity program. This program makes it easier for you to tip all the members of staff who have helped to make your vacation at your home away from home an enjoyable one. You are, of course, free to tip anyone during your stay at a Villa Group resort in addition to the gratuity program to show your appreciation; however we recommend you take part in our $3.50 daily gratuity program to ensure that your appreciation extends to members of staff that you may not come in direct contact with.

Motivational tool

To provide fairness in the tipping processes, the gratuity program is a motivational tool so Villa Group members and guests can have the opportunity to participate equally in gratuities for associates who may not interact directly with Villa Group members. With the exception of those who typically receive gratuities directly from members and guests such as concierge staff, bellmen, bartenders and waiters, the gratuities will be split amongst all the staff involved in delivering you great service. This includes Villa Group kitchen hands, cleaning staff, dishwashers, those who work in the store rooms and even the activities team etc.

Optional Tipping

Except at Villa del Palmar in Cancun (where it is not optional), the $3.50 daily gratuity is optional and members are recommended to participate in this program as it allows the staff to be recognized for the first-rate services that they provide. The gratuity program is of direct benefit to the employees and also benefits the members as it helps the resorts reduce turnover, run more efficiently and creates higher levels of customer services.
On the fifteenth day of every month, the gratuity is dispersed to the staff for the previous month’s generosity. It is worth noting that your Villa Group maintenance fees do not cover these gratuities; and likewise, these gratuities are not used towards maintenance nor to subsidize wages or used to pay administrative fees.

Make staff feel appreciated

The gratuity program makes staff feel appreciated for all of their hard work and encourages continuous outstanding service. We trust you will join with us in recognizing the commendable customer service that you get from the Villa Group resort staff while you are at your home away from home.
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