The Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access in Cabo

Rejuvenate and unwind at Villa del Palmar Cabo, spending quality family time while soaking up the beauty of the beach around you in Cabo San Lucas. The best and cheapest way to do so is to invest in The Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access in Cabo timeshare scheme.

villa preferred access

How does it work?
When you purchase The Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access membership in Cabo San Lucas, you have access to added advantages and benefits. The biggest benefit of this is flexibility and meeting your personal vacation preferences a vacation owners. When you purchase Villa Preferred Access membership at any of The Villa Group timeshare resorts, you are allocated a certain number of points to match your spending. These points can then be exchanged for any Villa del Palmar resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Loreto, Cancun and, of course, Cabo San Lucas. Additional benefits are that you can start planning your vacation and book accommodation two years in advance to redeem your timeshare points for the kinds of services and accommodation you would prefer.
Buying The Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access in Cabo membership allows you to use your points flexibly to match the kind of vacation you wish to experience each year. For instance, you could spend a weekend in Cabo San Lucas and four days in Puerto Vallarta, dividing what would have traditionally been a fixed timeshare week. Now you can even stay in more luxurious suites for shorter periods of time or smaller units for longer, the choice is yours. Availability would of course depend on the level of your membership and how many points you have.
We understand your wish of wanting to explore other destinations in the world occasionally instead of coming back to the same place repeatedly, although if you know Cabo San Lucas, you would be happy to come back every year. With The Villa Group’s Villa Preferred Access in Cabo timeshare you can transfer points to international vacation clubs like Interval International and enjoy the same comforts in any place in the world.

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