Villa Preferred Access Maintenance Fees

The Villa Group is recognized as one of the top associations in the timeshare industry; our clubs and management team have received many awards from the American Resort Development Association, Interval International, and Resort Condominiums International. When you become a Villa Preferred Access member, you can be truly proud to be a part of this organization as all our clubs provide the very best service on a continual basis and are the standard by which all other clubs gauge their success.

Villa Preferred Access Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees are an integral part to the enjoyment of any vacation club membership and the effective running of Villa Preferred Access is no different, relying on the timely payment of membership fees. The obligation to pay these fees is the responsibility of each member at the time that they become due and payable, and isn’t reliant on the use of the property or properties.

Villa Preferred Access Members Services

The Members Services Department is available to help Villa Preferred Access members avoid incurring any penalties or interest, or forfeiting the right to use the membership for any period of time (especially not permanently). Villa Preferred Access Members should get in touch with Members Services if they have any questions or issues regarding maintenance fees.

The Treasurer’s and Maintenance Dues Reports can provide:

  • A budget overview
  • An explanation of your maintenance assessment
  • A breakdown of how the funds raised are used
  • What optional programs there are
  • A list of current payment options

Villa Preferred Access Maintenance Fees have three payment options:

  • Monthly basis


    • – Payments are made via auto credit or debit charge to bank account, and you receive no monthly invoices. A nominal monthly fee of $5.35 will be added to each monthly payment.
  • Four quarterly installments


    • – due on November 30th, February 28th, May 31st and August 31st.
  • One annual payment


    • – pay your entire annual maintenance assessment in one go via credit card (

by phone or online

    ) or cheque.

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