Villagroup & Interval International

How does The Villa Group and Interval International work together?

When you buy a Villagroup timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts and become a Villa Preferred Access member, you will be given the option of using your Villagroup timeshare points for accommodations throughout the world, thanks to the Mexican timeshare operator’s affiliation with Interval International.

Interval International is a vacation club that extends the flexibility of your Villa del Palmar timeshare offering you global choices for vacations. If you have bought a timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts recently, then you will have been allocated a number of points depending on the level of unit you purchased. Those points or some of those points can be transferred to Interval International on those occasions when you wish to travel to places that are not included in The Villa Group’s repertoire of hotels and resorts in Mexico.

The reason that Villa del Palmar work so closely with Interval International is thanks to its extensive global presence to ensure that our members have the greatest access to different vacation destinations throughout the world. Interval International is one of the largest vacation clubs in the world boasting a wide inventory of properties and cruises available for exchange. Interval International operates in over 2800 resorts globally in 75 countries. If you wished, you could visit a different country for every timeshare week you own at Villa del Palmar!

Another reason for choosing Interval International is thanks to its great reputation for quality and stability as a leading exchange network. At Villagroup, we only affiliate with the best companies to ensure the best services for our members. Interval International has been exchanging vacation properties for nearly 40 years and has additional services such as car rentals, flight agents and travel advice.

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