The Villagroup Timeshare Presentation Gifts

To thank you for attending a Villa Group presentation in one of its resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto or Cancun, you may receive a free gift or discounts on specific services and tours.

Your special free gift will depend on how you came to hear about timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts. For example, if you received a phone call from an agent back home you were most probably offered discounted vacation accommodation at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts. This offer is perhaps one of the most generous gifts that The Villa Group offers as you can receive up to 80% discount on all inclusive vacations.

Sometimes you will meet one of Villa Group’s promoters working on the streets in each of the Mexican destinations mentioned above. Our agents can offer discounts as an incentive for you to attend a presentation and some agents will include additional gifts depending on the rapport they feel with visitors.

The main purpose of the timeshare gift is to thank you for your interest in the Villa Group’s products and is independent of whether you purchase a timeshare or not. At the Villa del Palmar resorts, we are confident that the properties are of such high quality that they sell themselves. Your gift is to help you make the decision to let us wow you with a tour!

Be wary of any timeshare company that offers you extremely generous gifts, especially if you can’t see how they could afford to give the same incentive to everyone they meet. In those cases, you could be in danger of a scam.

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