The Villagroup Timeshare Scams

Are you afraid about getting involved in the timeshare scams that might occur in Mexico, and you want to keep yourself safe from them? You are in the right place to learn about Villagroup timeshare scams.

History of timeshare scams

In the 90’s, timeshare companies got a bad reputation thanks to unscrupulous individuals and fraudster companies. As a result, genuine and honorable timeshare companies were scarred, but the good news is that, in response, governments brought in extra regulations to protect consumers. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to be involved in a Villagroup timeshare scam, especially if you are careful to purchase a timeshare directly from the Villagroup. The only time that you put yourself at risk and in danger is when you purchase a timeshare outside of the Villagroup, as happens with resale scams.

Villagroup Timeshare Scams

In recent years, the danger of being involved in a Villagroup timeshare scam has become very minimal – non existent if you purchase directly from the Villagroup at one of its Villa del Palmar resorts. However, you still need to beware cancellation scams that target owners, resale scams and rental scams.

Is Villagroup Timeshare a Scam?

The Villagroup timeshare is not a scam. The Villagroup has an outstanding reputation and boasts an impeccable history spanning over three decades. We are one of the top timeshare companies in Mexico and we offer the top beach destinations in Mexico. We have such an amazing history in the timeshare industry, that if you deal directly with us you will not be scammed. A benefit of being a member with the Villagroup is that we are a small, personal company that treats our members like family, unlike many of our competitors. You will have a special and personal experience with the Villagroup timeshare.

Types of Villagroup Timeshare Scams

Great news, there is no Villagroup timeshare scam when you deal with us directly! Unfortunately, you may be in danger of being scammed if you purchase your timeshare outside of the Villagroup such as with timeshare resale companies or private agents. The way that resale scams work is that non-existent timeshares are advertised among genuine Villagroup timeshare resales on certain websites. Sometimes the timeshare is advertised as having 10 or 20 years left on the membership, only to find that there is only a year or two left. You really need to check out the facts when purchasing timeshare resales.

Villagroup timeshare scams affecting current owners

Being a happy Villagroup owner does not mean that you are safe from resale scams as you can be targeted for a selling fraud. That is, you are tempted to sell your Villagroup timeshare for a large amount of money. In order for you to contact the buyer, you need to pay an introduction fee. Later you discover that there was no buyer for your timeshare at all! Rental scams work in the same way if you are asked to pay an upfront fee. For timeshare rentals it is always best to work on commision.

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