Visit Mexico for Day of the Dead!

Day of the dead skulls and marigold flowers

Did you know that Day of the Dead (Día de muertos) is a very important festivity celebrated on November 2nd? In Puerto Vallarta and all across Mexico, Day of the Dead is a holiday that honors those who have passed on before us. Meanwhile, read more below about why you should visit Mexico during this traditional holiday. 

Day of the Dead

For starters, Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s biggest events. The origins of the important celebration of this date back many, many years ago when Mictecacihuatl (Lady of the Dead) was originally celebrated during the summer. However, when the Spanish people invaded Mexico in the 1500’s, they began celebrating All Saints Day on November 1st.

Over time, Day of the Dead was moved to November 2nd. These days, Day of the Dead celebration continues to honor loved ones that have passed on before us. Family and friends will make altars in their memory that contain some of the favorite foods and drinks that the person who has passed away loved.

Also, altars will have photos displayed of the deceased along with beautiful marigold flowers that represent hope, sun, and life. Sometimes, families will spend all night in the cemetery where their loved one is buried sharing food and music while they remember the deceased.

Day of the Dead Facts

The belief behind the Day of the Dead holiday is that the human soul never dies.

  • Likewise, Mexicans believe that the soul can travel to and from this earth and that their ancestors’ souls come to visit on November 2nd.
  • An altar needs to be made so they can safely travel back to visit.
  • Also, November 1st is the day when babies and kids that have passed are celebrated, and this date is known as Dia de Inocentes (Day of the Innocent). November 2nd is when adults that have passed away are celebrated and this date is also known as “Dia de Difuntos”.
  • In Puerto Vallarta, altars are constructed around town and along the Malecon boardwalk. Also, celebrations include painted catrinas, folkloric ballet performances, live music, contests, and more. This celebration is fun for residents and all vacationers that are visiting Puerto Vallarta during the first days of November.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Day of the Dead, one of Mexico’s most important holidays.

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