Visit Mexico for the Day of the Dead

Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in late October or early November? If so, then you will get to experience Día de Los Muertos. Also known as “Day of the Dead” in English, this unique holiday gives people the opportunity to honor and respect their loved ones that have passed on. Festivities for Day of the Dead start in late October and last through the first week of November. Friends and family come together to honor their family that has passed on. They make a beautiful altar, which is known in Spanish as Ofrendas, and they are very bright and beautiful. Want to see this incredible holiday in person? Book a last minute vacation to Mexico at the Villa Group. We have special all-inclusive packages available for sale right now. Continue to read below to learn why you should visit Mexico for Day of the Dead.

Where & When did Day of the Dead Start?

In ancient pre-Columbian traditions is when Day of the Dead celebrations first occurred. The practice of honoring loved ones has been around for more than 2,000 to 3,000 years. The celebration was first observed during the summer months, but was moved to the fall when Spanish conquistadors arrived during the Sixteenth Century. The event date was changed to coincide with Western Christianity holidays including All Souls Day and All Saints Day. The celebrations officially start in late October and last through November 2nd which is the official Día de Los Muertos. That is the day when family and friends will visit the gravesites of the people that are deceased to celebrate and honor them together. Many people will even stay the entire night just talking with and about their loved ones.
Day of the Dead in Mexico

Altars for Day of the Dead Celebration

Currently, the Day of the Dead celebration continues to be a very important holiday in Mexico. This is a special time for friends and family to celebrate the deceased. In the days leading up to the event, special altars for Día de Los Muertos, also known as ofrendas, are carefully constructed. The altars will contain personalized mementos that meant something to the deceased including their favorite food and drink. Altars are beautifully decorated with Aztec marigold flowers, skulls, and then a photo of the deceased is the centerpiece of the altar. Families and friends will stay hours or even all night at the altar remembering their deceased loved ones. The Mexican people view the celebration as joyful and a wonderful way to cherish their loved ones. Likewise, many people believed that the construction of an altar will assist their loved ones in a safe journey into the afterlife.
Altars for Day of the Dead Celebration

Visit Mexico for Day of the Dead

Would you like to visit Mexico for Day of the Dead? There have been a few adjustments in the area due to COVID-19 crisis. At Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta and Villa del Palmar Flamingos, we have implemented various health and safety measures at our resorts to keep you and your family safe. Any time of the year is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta. Right now, the climate is ideal and the Malecon boardwalk is open for visitors. There, you will see a variety of impressive altars displayed on the boardwalk. Visitors and residents can stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy the beautifully designed altars. In addition, beautiful decorations for Día de Los Muertos will be around town at local businesses, public spaces and onsite at the resort. Make sure you wear your facemask and practice safe social distancing in order to stay safe. Remember, it is important to frequently wash your hands and avoid touching your face, nose or mouth.
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