Visit San Jose del Cabo on your Next Stay at Villa del Palmar

Visit San Jose del Cabo on your Next Stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa del Arco

If you’re looking for a place far away from the madding crowd yet sophisticatedly inviting, then San Jose del Cabo is the one for you. With stunning beaches, cool morning breezes, modern structures and a serene atmosphere, visitors can experience a city-like vacation in a rural, quiet setting. Why not book a day trip to San Jose del Cabo on your next stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa del Arco in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Attention-grabbing Architecture

The district’s downtown area boasts of many buildings and structures which are products of great architectural minds. Every visitor must visit popular landmarks in the area such as the 19th century inspired City Hall, the Mision de San Jose del Cabo Anuiti, and the restructured San Jose Mission Church. Of course the charming town plaza is not to be missed, where the ambience of the old San Jose del Cabo will seem to bring back the historic past of this great Mexican destination.

  • Galleries for art lovers

San Jose del Cabo in its entirety is like a showroom for its local artists, where art galleries display their works and showcases their artistic capabilities. Engage yourself on its Thursday night Art Walk and have the chance to visit all these beautiful art galleries. You might also be lucky to meet budding artists, gallery owners, dealers and other art aficionados.

  • Experience the Birds at the Wildlife Sanctuary

A little over to the east, one can find an interesting haven for bird species like hummingbirds and herons. Experiencing nature in a quiet place with just the chirpings of the birds and the flapping of their wings adds a different dimension to a usually loud beach setting.

  • Taste the Cuisine of San Jose del Cabo

The place takes pride on its great line of chic restaurants where tasty local seafood cuisines takes the limelight. Many top chefs from other regions within Mexico have considered San Jose del Cabo as their home. No wonder, visitors are treated to unique cooking and flavors that are truly Mexican-inspired.

  • Shopping for all generations

Any vacation is not complete without the activity of shopping. It’s human nature that whenever one visits a new place, he will find something that will make him remember all the good experiences he had. San Jose del Cabo has several shopping facilities that would fill your shopping cravings for stuff like ceramics, home decors, antiques, bags, blankets and many others worth bringing home. Plaza Artesanos and the elegant Las Tiendas del Palmilla are some of them, and they carry products that are great for gifts, souvenirs or simple mementos.
San Jose del Cabo may not be as popular as other great Mexican vacation places, but it can surely whip up a storm and give you a vacation to last a lifetime. Be sure to visit San José del Cabo on your next stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa del Arco in Cabo San Lucas.

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