What does a VLO do at the Villa del Palmar resort?

Even if you have been a member at a Villa del Palmar resort for many years, you still may not know precisely what a VLO is and what they do, though you will no doubt have encountered them more than once. Your VLO would have been the first person representing the Villa Group and the Villa del Palmar Resort you met after signing your contract.

What is a VLO?

A VLOs are also known as Verification Loan Officers and they are two-way representatives, in a sense. When prospective clients are getting ready to sign their contracts they will often have one last meeting with a VLO to clarify any points of interest in the membership and contract. They are also the people who make all members aware of the privileges and benefits that their memberships give them, as well as any responsibilities they may have (such as paying maintenance fees or cost of reparations to damaged furnishings etc). A VLO represents your interests as well as the Villa Groups and will try to help you in any way they can!

How can they do this?

VLOs work closely with members services, the sales team and even ResortCom to ensure that members problems and concerns always reach the right people. But, more than this, they are able to deal with most issues and answer most questions immediately because of their superior and in-depth knowledge of the workings of the company.

Who is my VLO?

If you can’t remember precisely who your VLO was when you first purchased your membership, which happens, or this person has moved on from the Villa del Palmar resort, which also happens, you can always contact members services to speak to someone.

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